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Laptop repairs at electronic repair shop

Laptop, PC & Mac Repairs

Fix It London offer a wide range of laptop, PC and Mac repairs, including smashed screens, viruses and performance issues. Get in touch and let our team in London take a look. 

12 month warranty on parts

Businessman typing on laptop

Don't replace, repair!

Our job is to help our customers get along with their tech. The initial inspection identifies the issues and allows us to advise on the cost of the repairs. If we do have to hold onto it, we can give you a replacement in the meantime and will let you know when you can come and collect it.

Quality you can count on

You'll receive all the documentation and a 12 month warranty with all replacement parts, so you won't have to worry. We also build custom gaming computers, so when the time comes to replace your existing one, just give us a call so that we can discuss the specifications.


Performance issues

Anti virus software

Motherboard Installation

Fix It can take care of:

  • Microsoft and Apple products

  • Smashed screens and spills

  • Laptops, PCs and tablets

  • Performance issues

  • Computer viruses

  • Diagnostics


Very good customer service. Straight talking and honest. Repaired my son's laptop as he had dropped it and broken the hinge. New parts ordered and replaced. Very pleased. Would recommend.

Very professional service and polite person. Wiped my MacBook and refreshed it with a new Mac OS in just a few hours. Same day service was key for us, therefore we’re very impressed and pleased. Will definitely recommend.

Jyo Dhi

Paul Houldsworth



Looking for laptop, PC or MAC repairs in London?

Give the team at Fix It in London a call on
020 8886 5030


Contact Us

Inside Post Office
64 Chase Side
N14 5PA

020 8886 5030

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