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Broken Screen Repairs

Cracked screens can be caused by too much force being applied when closing the laptop, or usually just handling it roughly. If there are visible cracks on the screen that is preventing you from using your laptop for daily purposes then it is best to repair it!

DVD/Blue-Ray read error

After some time your laser might fail. It's a common, but fortunately totally reversable problem. And for new parts we offer 12 months warranty


Spilling juice, tea, coffee, water or other liquids could be very harmful for your device, so it is critical to react quickly. The battery must be taken out as soon as possible to prevent any further damage.

Performance issues

There can be a lot of things that could make your console slow, but there is also a lot of ways to fix it. And it usually costs less than you think


The most common reason for your console overheating is due to dust blocking up the components or even that the thermal paste between the graphics chipand the radiator needs to be exchanged. If your console overheats, its best to bring it in for us to take a closer look.

Other diagnostics

There may be issues that are not yet listed. That is fine! Just bring in your device in question to one of our shops and we will have a look at it for free and tell you what is your next step.


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