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Touch Screen Device Most Common Problems

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Screen Replacement

If it’s not your lucky day and you have just cracked your phone screen – do not worry, we offer a quick, easy and reliable service. Cracked and scratched phone screens are one of the most common issues we deal with. Simply leave your device at one of our shops and when you return your phone will look brand new.

Battery Replacement

If your device is experiencing battery issues and is not performing as you’d expect, we offer a very simple battery replacement service. This will fix most common battery issues such as not holding a charge or having to repeatedly charge it in one day. This service can be done in as little as half an hour.

Camera Repair

The camera is one of the most important parts of a device. If your phone’s camera is producing blurry, unclear pictures or not working at all, we can offer a range of solutions from cleaning the camera, to a full replacement, to re-aligning the fitment to ensure your phone's camera is taking crystal clear pictures.

Audio Issue

One very common issue with the device is to do with  audio. Most commonly, the lack of any sound coming from your device including music, speakerphone and most  importantly making or receiving phone calls. This usually is an issue with the motherboard. It is an issue we have seen and dealt with lots and we have a comprehensive service solution offered at a competitive price.

Rear Chassis / Glass Replacement

A scratch or cracked rear chassis of the device can make it unpleasant to use. We offer a quick and easy full casing or glass replacement service so that your phone can be back up and running in no time.

Signal Issue

If your device is struggling to receive a strong signal from your provider or your phone is stuck on “No Service”, this could be a motherboard issue. We offer a full and comprehensive motherboard service. Come into one of our shops to see what we can do to fix a wide range of motherboard related issues.

Charging Port

If your device is experiencing issues when charging, for example requiring you to move the charger around or only charging at a  specific angle, the most likely cause is dirt or dust in the charging port. That’s why we offer a full internal cleaning service; for more complex issues a full charger port replacement service may be required. Do not attempt to clean the charging port yourself as this can easily damage the device.

Liquid Damage Repair

If your device has come into contact with liquid, regardless of the amount of time, your phone can still be severely damaged. We offer a comprehensive liquid damage diagnostic service. If your phone is completely unusable we also offer a data recovery service, all at a reasonable and competitive price.


If your device is completely unresponsive, frozen or running slow, we offer a full phone diagnostic service, which will identify any issues or damage. Then our highly skilled technicians will walk you through any possible solutions or treatments for your phone, all at a competitive price.