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Smarter Homes

AI assistantance

Smart Assistant is the  fundamental part of your home eco system. There is few to choose from, and we can help you to choose the best one, based on the hardware used.

Smart Security

Security - there is never too much of it. And there is so many ways to bring it to your home - entry sensors, water leak sensors, smoke detectors, movement sensors - the list goes on

Smart Speakers

They can take your commands, they will play your favourite music and give you live updates. Paired with built in AI assistant they work like magic

Smart WiFi

Yes, even your WiFi can be smarter. Today, we can monitor who is connected to our wifi, how is it used by particular devices. We can limit and controll access to the internet based on time of the day 

Smart Cameras

Smart cameras - they enhance your home security, but they can be also built into your smart devices such as speakers - and provide communication

Smart Living

Today we can be connected more than ever before. Using latest technology achievements possibilities are almost limitless.


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