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Network/WiFi Problems

Slow WiFi

We all would love to live in the world without buffering. And fortunately, we can. All it takes is to get some small network improvements on your home or office network

For the gamers

Every serious gamer knows how crucial reliable network is. If you need some help to get your performance maxed out - let us know

Weak WiFi Signal

This problem usually occurs in big houses or apartments. Thick walls or multiple levels - all that is not gonna help your wifi signal to get through. But there are ways to help it.  Get in touch ;)

Connection dropping

No-one wants to deal with that. Finding the underlying reason for it can be very tricky. And it's better to leave it to the professionals.

Moving home

Moving house is a stressful experiance, and making all your tech work the right way is just another one of those that you want to get right. We are here to help!

Damaged cable or connector

Could  be an accidental damage, could be a curious sharp teethed  pet. No matter how your cable or the socket got damaged, we can  help you to restore the order


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