Computers are basically a machines. And like cars as long as you provide look after them they will be fast and work problem-free. Antivirus software is one of the most important things to consider. Our of wide range of free and licensed antiviruses by over 10 years experience an IT we can surely tell that only paid antivirus will provide relevant protection. But don't jump and buy any antivirus. Visit our antivirus section to find out which ones we recommend and why. 

Why free antivirus will not protect your computer?

The reason is simple. Free antivirus has also its licensed version. Free antivirus will be trimmed  and the most important features are disabled/removed to make a customer purchasing a license eventually. So the choice is: invest your money once a year into good antivirus or spend money on repairs few times a year.

Do not ignore overheating problem. When you notice that your computer is working louder than it used and its getting warmer that means dust inside of the machine is blocking airflow. Another sign of overheating is that machine will unexpectedly shut down. It happens because computer has few sensors that are monitoring temperature inside your laptop so when it reaches critical value laptop switch off to prevent permanent damage to electronic components. However this is only an indicator (not a protection mechanism) that your PC/laptop must be cleaned. Fan cleaning is many times cheaper than repair overheated computer that has broken down already. 


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