Click the button below to download TeamViewer


Leave downloaded file in a place easy for you to remember for future reference - it's often best to keep it on your desktop. That program doesn't have to be installed before use. Your ID number in it will stay the same at all times.

Your next step will be double-clicking the icon of downloaded TeamViewer program - just like you always do to start any other program on your computer. The icon should look like the one below.




After a few moments (up to a minute - it depends of your computer) you should see a window open looking similar to the one shown below. At times Windows might first ask you if you want to allow TeamViewer program to make changes to your computer - you should answer Yes to that question. It's good to remember that we can connect to your computer only when you start the TeamViewer program first and if you turn it off we can't connect to you anymore.

TeamViewer window

Seeing such window open you should give us your ID number (it's different on each computer) and password. After a few moments you should see information that one of our technicians is connecting to your computer remotely and you'll be able to see everything that is being done by said technician.

When you want to finish remote help session, it's enough to just close TeamViewer window - the program will exit and remote connection won't be possible anymore, till you start the program again.

Thank You for choosing remote session solution - the latest achievement of technology for IT professionals.