We established to provide comprehensive support for domestic users which use different sorts of electronic devices and businesses who need quick response support for equipment which makes their offices running. We deliver advice service along with software and hardware support across all platforms. 

 We always solve the issue as quickly as possible, as we value both yours and our time. Sometimes there is no way to sort problem out of a lab. We may collect your device and do additional tests in our lab where we replace broken parts. While your devices are being collected you will receive the confirmation of that. In case of repair agreement examination alone is free and we contact you to discuss costs before anything is done. After repair you can collect your device from our office or it can be delivered to you by our technician of it is doesn't require any installation can be shipped to you.

Each device we repair will receive a CASE NUMBER . This number will be associated with your device for future reference. This allow us to track history of repairs and check status of warranty for parts that we replaced.

We do not overprice the replacement part's prices. Prices we give you won't ever be higher than those in popular UK's electronics shops. We understand that your device is something in constant use so for the time being we give you a loan computer that you can use while waiting. For all repairs you receive a documentation and warranty with replaced parts listed.

We received a lot of positive feedback from our satisfied customers. Be one of them!