Google cars to be tested on public roads!

This summer Google will be testing its self-driven cars on the roads of Mountain View, California. This is where the iconic search giant is based.

Before now, the small vehicles have only been tested on tracks and not mixed with regular traffic.

The robots will not be completely autonomous, but will have safety drivers on board who can take over if needed. The top speed of the cars will be capped at 25mph (40km/h) during the tests.

"Getting these cars out in to the public and allowing people to react to them, allowing us to see them out there, that's a huge deal and most importantly it's the necessary step to getting them to drive themselves," he said.

The company has shown that these type of cars can run reliably and safely on well-mapped and predictable routes, but they are a long way from being able to cope with the city centre at a rush house or a dirt track in the middle of nowhere.