Nvidia’s new Jetson TX2 is the credit card-sized AI brain of the future - March 08, 2017

Components manufactures are always looking to push the boundaries of what silicon can do, and to that end Nvidia is back with a pocket-sized super computer of sorts in the Jetson TX2.

Squeezed into the size of a credit card, the Jetson TX2 platform will support artificial intelligence (AI) computing in everything from factory robots to commercial drones to smart video cameras scattered around cities. TX2 takes AI computing up a notch by powering smarter machines in a smaller package, one that measures only 50mm x 87mm (2in x 3.4in).

Jetson TX2 is proceeded by the Jetson TX1 and TK1, and Nvidia claims it offers twice as much performance and efficiency over the TX1. In that state, the Jetson TX2 draws less than 7.5 watts of power.

The system is sort-of like an Arduino on steroids, with functions that include voice and facial recognition, navigation and object detection. Partners for Nvidia's new Jetson include Cisco, Live Planet, MIT, Toyota and Toshiba.

At a launch event in San Fransisco, Nvdia demonstrated how Jetson TX2 recognizes other cars in the road, including in rainy conditions.

Nvidia has been a long-time proponent of self-driving cars and other AI systems, and Jetson TX2 seems to be another step in its mission to support hyper-intelligent machines that perform critical functions, now and into the not-so-distant future.