Fake swat prank gets league of legends streamer banned

Trick2g is a popular league of legends streamer. He is known for his wacky stunts and entertaining shows. Over the years Trick2g has become a beloved member of the Twitch community, his streams more than often draw in tens of thousands of viewers.

Sadly he has now been banned.

He had faked being swatted, which is a term used when a hacker calls in a swat team and reports a fake crime and hopes to see the streamer get raided on live stream. It is a twisted form of entertainment, but has been growing in the streaming community.

He has since been banned for four months and is trying his best to get the ban lifted. His fans are supporting him by making the hashtag #FreeTrick trend on Twitter.

Watch the raid here ---> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bzQtCBiueqI