Samsung Galaxy A8 is Samsung's slimmest ever phone

Samsung has revealed its thinnest smartphone to date.

The Galaxy A8 is 5.9mm (0.23in) thick, making it less than 85% the thickness of Samsung's Galaxy S6 Edge.

Despite the slimness, engineers have still managed to fit in a 16 megapixel camera and a relatively high capacity battery that should give the phone a rather long battery life.

The Samsung will start on sale in China and Singapore. A spokeswoman told the BBC, "The Galaxy A8 will not be coming to the UK," a spokeswoman told the BBC.

One of the main challenges will be ensuring that the sleek, thin handset does not bend in the user's pocket.

Samsung has chosen a metal case to aid its rigidity, building on the engineering work it did for last year's original Galaxy Alpha.

The new machine features:

A fingerprint sensor

A 4G Chip

A 5.7inch 1080p high-definition screen

At a starting price of 3,199 yuan ( £330) it costs a tad more than Xiaomi's bestselling aluminium- framed similar-sized Mi Note, which is about 1mm thicker and 1,100 yuan ( £115) cheaper.