Nvidia's latest Flagship Graphics card to hit the market..

Nvidia has shared with us the details of its latest premium-priced graphics cards.

Starting at a wallet damaging $650 (and bundled with a copy of Batman: Arkham knight) The GTX 980Ti carries six Gigabytes of GDDR5 memory. Comparing to the Titan X which is a wallet suplex choke slam of a $1000 , the 980Ti is said to perform to a similar standard for about two thirds of the titans price, according to Nvidia.

Like the Tian X, the 980Ti has a 336GB/s maximum bandwidth. Its display outputs are 1x HDMI, 3x DP and 1x DVI, it also has two power connectors arranged as 1x 6pin and 1x 8pin.

Nvidia's new GeForce prices follow:

Titan X: $1000

980 Ti: $650

980: $500

970: $330

960: $200

Mark Aevermann, a spokesperson for Nvidia, said the GTX 980Ti was built with DirectX 12 features in mind.

"This is, by all rights, our flagship GeForce GTX GPU, built on the GM 200 chip," he said, "and we designed it for a lot of the top-end PC features, such as 4K, VR, and G-Sync. These are the things that this card excels at."