Apple Watch

Are you an Apple user? Then we're sure you'll love this new invention Apple came up with. The new Apple Watch, ranges in prices and allows you to customize it however you would like. The Apple Watch includes personalised apps accustomed to you, such as the 'Activity App' which allows the apple watch to be aware of your fitness and activity levels, it also displays your daily progress and suggests all day activity goals. It is said that this new device is the best out there at the moment, and even that the battery life lasts for 18 hours straight.

Ikea launches new wireless charging furniture!

Its been said that IKEA are set to launch a range of furniture with built in wireless charging spots to create a cable free area. These charging pads are made to be put into bedside tables, desks, tables around the house and also into lamps. When at home and your smartphone is running out of charge, you don't have to worry about finding the charger, just connect your phone to one of these wireless pads and your phone instantly charges.  

Our New Website

Welcome to our new updated website. You'll find tips and advice on how to cater for your technological needs. We've made it easier for you to get into touch with us, other than providing our numbers you can visit  the 'book a technician' page where you can provide your full details and we'll get into touch within a couple of minutes!! We're also going to be updating users on the newest apps in stock whether its from apple or windows, or the latest computer news!