1.1 Turn around period is normally within 1-3 working days, under some circumstances, it may take longer due to the availability of parts. We will endeavour to keep customers fully informed during this period.

1.2 A repair means the restoration of equipment to working order in accordance with the customer's fault report and requirements.


2.1 Any equipment delivered to FIX IT LONDON company should be accompanied by a fault report from the customer. The information given by the customer is for reference only. Our own engineer's examination report will form the basis of the full fault report.

2.2 Customers should backup their data before handing their equipment to us for repair. We cannot accept any responsibility for data loss but we will do our best to preserve any found data (mostly pictures and documents).

2.3 Any equipment kept on site by FIX IT LONDON company for more than 3 months since the initial quotation, or issue of invoice might be scrapped without notice. A holding fee of £5 per day might be charged to customer two months after the quotation or invoice has been issued.

2.4 Any parts ordered after agreement with customer to go forth with repairs will be paid for by customer even if customer decide to cancel repairs after that. Exception can be made only if the fault was on FIX IT LONDON’s part (e.g. wrong diagnosis).


3.1 We offer 3 months return to base (RTB) guarantee on repairs and 12 months guarantee of the same type (RTB) on exchanged new parts. Return to base means that it is customer’s responsibility to deliver faulty equipment to FIX IT LONDON company.

3.2 Guarantee will be void if: our guarantee label has been broken; the faults are different or unrelated to the original faults; if the equipment has been modified, or improperly handled.

3.3 Equipment which is returned out of our guarantee will be charged the appropriate repair fee.


4.1 All prices quoted are inclusive of VAT.

4.2 Payment can be made by credit card, cash, cheque, PayPal or bank transfer. Payment must be not later than before delivery or collection.

4.3 If customer decide to not go forth with repairs after diagnosis we will charge £30 to cover time spent by our engineer. If we can not repair device we will not charge customer for diagnosis.

4.4 If customer wishes for one of our engineers to show up on-site to conduct diagnosis and possibly a repair, we might charge additional value for the fuel and time spent on traveling – which is non-refundable.


5.1 No responsibility for the expiration of manufacturer's original guarantee on equipment that has been delivered to us for inspection or repair.

5.2 No responsibility for any data loss during the repair procedure. If we need to reinstall windows, we are not responsible for the loss of any software programs or functions that were initially installed if the customer has not provided original recovery software.

5.3 No responsibility for equipment of an unstable nature which may deteriorate during inspection for repair.

5.4 No responsibility after un-repaired device being taken back or returned.

5.5 No responsibility for returning defective or replaced parts.