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Tablets - young and fast growing breed of equipment. No wonder sometimes you may need a little help with them.


XBOX / Playstation

Consoles - entertainment wouldn't be as rich without them. As much as we love them they remain just electronic equipment and can fail. Get in touch with us and you will grab your pad again sooner than you think.




Website designing

Need help or advice on designing a website? We're here to help! If you need help designing a website, contact us to help you create an efficient website for your company.




Personal training

Need a few lessons on how to navigate on social networking sites or new programs? Don't hesitate to contact us! It can be useful around the house to have a few skills on the software you are using in case of emergency. Just contact us if you require one of our trainers.



Case modding

Do you love modding? So do we!
If you want to make your friends jealous of your computer, contact us to afford-ably tweak your computer.


Network at home

Do you need us to modernise or develop your home network? Or maybe protect it and reconfigure?




We can configure any CCTV system to your house demands.



Other requests?

Any requests relating to computing not mentioned above? Please click here for contact details.