Computers across all platforms... We use them at home as our media center, watch movies on them, read news, send and receive emails. We know you cannot live without it and will quickly sort your problem out, whatever it is - like malicious viruses or faulty hard disk drive. We also upgrade your software and drives, extend memory so your computer is faster and more capable.



It's the device that keeps you in touch with your colleagues, friends and family whilst on the move. As it is vital for communications, let us know if a problem occurs so we can sort it out immediately


Office network

Do you need reconfiguration or protection to your office network? Perhaps you would like to modernise or enhance it? We can do this for you quickly and efficiently without interrupting your work more than it's really necessary.



We can configure any CCTV system to your business demands.



Tablets - still quite young and fast growing breed of equipment. As simple as they may be, they offer many advanced functions which can be confusing at first. So there's no wonder that sometimes you may need a little help with them. A help that we will gladly provide.


Website designing

Need help or advice on designing a website? We're here to help! If you need help designing a website, contact us to help you create an efficient website for your company.




Need a few lessons on how to navigate on social networking sites or new programs? Don't hesitate to contact us! It can be useful around the house to have a few skills on the software you are using in case of emergency. Just contact us if you require one of our trainers.


Other requests?

Any requests relating to computing not mentioned above? Please click here for contact details.